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Over the years, we have garnered the requisite experience and expertise to ensure that we can offer our clients the best level of services required whilst offering innovative and practical solutions.

Corporate Governance, Compliance and M&A.

Our goal is to help our clients minimise operational and regulatory risks by providing technical and practical advice. This helps our clients navigate the maze of legislation and best practice codes relevant to corporate governance and corporate responsibility.

Furthermore, we provide general company and compliance advice to our corporate clients on the legal issues which most regularly impact their businesses. Our boardroom practice covers all elements of company law, ranging from advice on board procedures, to issues arising in takeover situations, as well as, analysing corporate policies, codes of conduct, and assistance with shareholder engagement.

Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution 

We have an outstanding reputation in domestic and international disputes resolution, either through litigation or forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution like Arbitration.


We have a skilled team of lawyers that have represented clients at all the superior courts of record in Nigeria and have gained years of experience to effectively defend our clients. 

Also, we have extensive knowledge of the legislative framework for arbitration, a deep understanding of the work of arbitral centers and their respective rules, and highly extensive experience in the field.

Tech Law

Now, more than ever technology continues to rapidly transform various areas of our lives. Our goal is to help clients at all stages of growth maximize opportunities, navigate threats and comply with all existing laws and sectorial regulations.


Through a team of experienced lawyers, we offer clients our unparalleled cross-border depth of legal and regulatory knowledge and experience across a broad spectrum of cross-sector technology trends, such as fintech, AI, blockchain, digital health, Data protection, and e-commerce. The goal is to ensure that our clients receive commercially innovative and technically strong advice.

Real Property Transactions

We have been engaged in all aspects of private commercial transactions including acquisitions, investigating and deducing titles, preparation of conveyance documentation, and obtaining governmental consents. We are familiar with the perfection processes as obtainable in different parts of the country.

Let's Work Together

We take pride in providing quality service to our clients. We have had the pleasure to represent some of the leading businesses in Africa. 

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